Sienna Charles invites our members to disconnect from hectic lifestyles and immerse themselves in luxurious spa & wellness experiences that provide the perfect balance of relaxation and restoration. Revitalize the spirit, recharge the body and reinvigorate the mind to thrive amid the bustle of everyday life.

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Unwind in Opulence

Sienna Charles’ luxury spa reservation service delivers curated experiences that are tailored to our members' ideal preferences. With access to a variety of private spas, wellness retreats and luxury treatments from the best spa establishments in the world, our members can escape to a place of serenity and relaxation.

For ultra-high-net-worth clientele who wish to have in-home private wellness and spa treatments, Sienna Charles' provides exclusive access to personalized spa experiences provided by wellness specialists and beauty experts. A full range of luxury spa services ensures that our members can unwind and rejuvenate no matter where they are.

Our ultra-luxury lifestyle concierge cultivates relationships with world-class spa destinations offering the highest quality spa treatments and beauty therapies. Whether for a spa weekend getaway or a special occasion with your loved ones, we cater the ultimate in personalized wellness experiences. Revitalize mind, body and soul in unparalleled luxury with Sienna Charles’ spa reservation service.

Sienna Charles personally vets every restaurant, spa, hotel and experience before offering them to clients, which partly explains a customer pool that ranges from CEOs and bankers to George W. Bush and his family.

Unlock Balance and Restore Inner Peace with Wellness Programs

Wellness Retreats

For discerning clientele seeking an immersive luxury well-being experience, Sienna Charles selects wellness retreats noted for their commitment to health, mindfulness and exceptional service. With an extensive array of treatments to meet individual needs, our members experience unrivaled rejuvenation and revitalization with each visit.

In-Home Wellness

Sienna Charles meets our members where they are with exclusive in-home spa and wellness reservations. For discerning clientele who wish to indulge in luxury treatments such as massage, facials, yoga or meditation sessions from the comfort of home, we offer an array of private wellness services.

Wellness Specialists and Beauty Experts

For an unrivaled wellness experience, Sienna Charles matches our members with an ideal specialist who will attend to every need. With personalized advice and holistic care, a wellness expert is the ultimate guide on a journey to optimal health and well-being.

Medical Clinics and Experts

Sienna Charles offers access to medical clinics and experts around the world, providing our members with all-encompassing care tailored to their individual needs. Advanced treatments, expert advice and personalized care ensure that our members receive the highest quality of medical treatments.

Relax, Refresh and Revive with Sienna Charles

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Founded by a Luxury Wellness Aficionado

As a lifelong devotee to unearthing the ultimate in luxury wellness, Sienna Charles founder, Jaclyn Sienna India, understands the desires of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and delivers unforgettable experiences.

In her pursuit of the finest things life has to offer, Jaclyn spends more than 200 days every year traveling around the world and has visited more than 90 countries. Her impeccable taste, unrivaled eye for detail and ability to truly understand the desires of our members have made her one of the world’s leading experts in the luxury industry. An innate ability to source the highest quality items and unearth the most unique experiences enables her to curate exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our discerning clientele.

Jaclyn’s little black book encompasses a veritable who’s who of world-class experience, knowledge and prestige. This exclusive list, along with our unparalleled lifestyle concierge service, allows Sienna Charles to deliver incredible experiences for our members that can’t be accessed through typical channels. Each moment is flawlessly curated to ensure an unrivaled ultra-luxury experience that meets any desire and exceeds every expectation.

Your Questions, Answered

Sienna Charles’ lifestyle concierge service curates an exclusive list of luxury spa treatments from the best spas in the world tailored to each member’s desires. Our insightful and experienced team will unearth the perfect environment to indulge in a spa weekend filled with relaxation and rejuvenation, or we can secure reservations for signature spa treatments personally selected by our clientele.

Sienna Charles offers our discerning clientele unlimited, 24/7 access via text or email to our lifestyle concierge team. Once we receive a request, we work directly with members to select the private wellness treatments or spa weekend escape that meets every desire. We meticulously handle every detail and special request to ensure we deliver an unparalleled luxury spa retreat experience that leaves members with nothing to do but relax and rejuvenate.

While we are able to accommodate last-minute requests, we appreciate when members provide advance notice when possible. Whether a member desires a luxury massage, spa weekend, wellness resort getaway or private wellness expert, we work expeditiously to meet every request. Within 24 hours of notification, we will offer a curated list for our discerning clientele to select from.

A Sienna Charles membership, which includes all luxury spa and wellness treatments, property investment opportunities, procurement of highly sought-after art and private event planning support, is $75,000 per year. Members also receive access to our luxury travel concierge that handles every travel request, including private jet charters, luxury private villa or 5-star hotel reservations and once-in-a-lifetime trip planning. We also provide VIP concierge services that offer exclusive access to hard-to-secure fine dining and Michelin star restaurant reservations, the world’s most coveted events and a variety of other tailored requests.

Membership is offered exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth individuals who match our exclusive lifestyle concierge services. Interested individuals should complete our online application and, if determined to be a good fit, our team will reach out to schedule an online call. We welcome the opportunity to provide exceptional luxury concierge services to each new member.

Rejuvenate the Soul with Catered Beauty & Wellness