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Luxury Dining Reservations for a Refined Palate

Sienna Charles members receive exclusive reservations at the most luxurious and refined restaurants in the world. From hidden local gems to highly sought-after cuisine with luxurious culinary experiences. Our members are in the know and first in line for the most desirable fine dining venues around the globe.

  • Our service is limited to families, individuals & family offices that have a net worth of 100M+.
  • We exclusively service this clientele in order to understand the complex needs, trends and desires allowing us to continually pivot our service to meet and exceed those needs on an ongoing basis.
  • If you would like to book a call to learn more about how we can help you elevate your travel & lifestyle, please do so below.

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Sienna Charles personally vets every restaurant, spa, hotel and experience before offering them to clients, which partly explains a customer pool that ranges from CEOs and bankers to George W. Bush and his family.

Unrivaled Fine Dining Experiences

Exclusive high end dining experiences at the most coveted venues around the world are accessible to Sienna Charles members. Whether our discerning clientele seeks a premier seat at a contemporary chef’s table, a traditional twist on modern cuisine or unique dining that satisfies eclectic tastebuds, we curate an epicurean culinary experience that exceeds expectations.

Delivering fine dining experiences that meet each member’s unique desires and refined tastes is a true passion of Sienna Charles, and one of our most requested services. After getting to know our client’s preferences, we then access Jaclyn’s Little Black Book of luxury restaurants and premier chefs around the globe, securing even the most difficult-to-obtain reservations in order to curate an unparalleled experience as unique as our clients.

Perfectly Orchestrated Reservations

A Seat at the Most Highly Sought After Tables

Sienna Charles offers members the most precious gift of time with one of our true passions, by curating luxury dining experiences and securing the most difficult-to-obtain reservations at exclusive restaurants around the globe, leaving nothing left for members to do but enjoy the ultimate in high-end dining.

Meticulously Executed Experiences

Sienna Charles delivers unparalleled white-glove service, cultivated to your personal desires. Every detail of your luxury dining experience is meticulously planned and executed, from seamless transportation to prime seating and gracious hospitality.

Pleasure For Your Palate

We only work with the best luxury fine dining restaurants around the world who share our dedication to unparalleled service. A reservation through Sienna Charles guarantees an unrivaled VIP experience at any venue.

Reach the Highest Echelon of Fine Dining with Sienna Charles

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The Exquisite Taste Behind the World’s Most Luxurious Dining Experiences

Our founder, Jaclyn Sienna India, is the epitome of exquisite taste and a refined palate. She spends over 200 days on the road annually, hand-selecting and personally vetting the best fine dining restaurants from more than 90 countries. Jaclyn’s refined palate, inimitable taste, and interpersonal insight enable her to curate extraordinary luxury dining experiences as unique as our members.

Jaclyn’s priceless Little Black Book is full of the world’s most renowned chefs, sommeliers, and lavish fine-dining restaurants. The relationships she has cultivated are built on trust, and she connects the very best in culinary expertise with the world’s most discerning gourmands and luxury travelers. Every experience is meticulously designed and impeccably executed through Jaclyn’s innate ability to match a client’s personal passions with the perfect venue, leading to Sienna Charles becoming the most noteworthy luxury concierge company in the world.

Your Questions, Answered

With Sienna Charles, the world’s most discerning diners can access last-minute reservations at the most sought-after tables around the world, as well as premier services at the best fine dining restaurants days or months in advance. No matter what type of luxury fine dining food you crave, we will deliver.

As a Sienna Charles member, we will unearth your deepest desires and fashion unmatched culinary experiences that will exceed any notions you may have about fine dining. If you aren’t sure what tempts your taste, our luxury concierge company will offer you a comprehensive list of high-luxe dining destinations to select from.

Contact us via text or email (24/7 access) and provide us with your dining preferences, and our VIP concierges will respond with a hand-crafted list of restaurants ideal for you. Once you’ve made your selection, every detail will be taken care of, including transportation if needed.

Between our expertise and Jaclyn’s Little Black Book, your luxury restaurant dining experience will be seamless and grant you with access to world-class luxury fine dining restaurants and little-known local culinary gems.

Sienna Charles delivers a seamless reservation process. Whether you’re satiating an impulsive last-minute craving for luxury fine dining food or planning a special occasion in advance, we will secure any hard-to-get reservation whenever you wish to go.

As soon as we receive your booking inquiry, a member of our team will assist you with the reservation process. We will promptly confirm your final reservation directly with the restaurant. Check your itinerary through our private mobile app to change and confirm reservation times.

We recognize that plans sometimes change, and we will work with you to reschedule your reservations at any fine dining restaurant. Simply text or email us with your scheduling needs and we will make the necessary adjustments to your reservations.

With Sienna Charles, you can rest assured that every detail is meticulously handled, which includes sharing any special requests directly with the luxury restaurant in advance of your reservation.

A Sienna Charles annual membership begins at $75,000, which opens up access to every luxury amenity you can dream of. Whether you desire luxury hotel reservations, luxury travel concierge services, limitless fine dining reservations, sourcing exclusive art, elegant interior design experts, or off-market real estate, we will exceed your expectations.

We will get to know you on a deeper level to uncover your passion and work together to develop life-changing experiences that are uniquely yours. Our VIP concierge service goes above and beyond with every interaction, pays attention to every detail, no matter how large or small, and we are available 24/7 to answer questions, address concerns and meet your every need.

Sienna Charles delivers unforgettable moments and exclusive access to the finest things life has to offer. Apply to become a member, and we will schedule a consultation call to get to know you on a deeper level.

By unearthing each individual’s personal preferences and desires, we are able to create truly unique experiences that can never be replicated. If we believe you are an ideal match, we will work together to turn your epicurean dreams into a reality.

Find Your Freedom with Sienna Charles