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Luxury Travel
At Its Finest

Experience luxury travel at its finest with our concierge service - trusted by the most prestigious clients and recognized as the best in the country by top media outlets.

  • Our service is limited to families, individuals & family offices that have a net worth of 100M+.
  • We exclusively service this clientele in order to understand the complex needs, trends and desires allowing us to continually pivot our service to meet and exceed those needs on an ongoing basis.
  • If you would like to book a call to learn more about how we can help you elevate your travel & lifestyle, please do so below.

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Sienna Charles personally vets every restaurant, spa, hotel and experience before offering them to clients, which partly explains a customer pool that ranges from CEOs and bankers to George W. Bush and his family.

Unparalleled Service

A Sienna Charles annual membership allows ultra-high-net-worth individuals to enjoy the most exclusive luxury travel and lifestyle concierge services. With your membership, a world of luxury where every detail is impeccably designed and meticulously executed awaits. Jaclyn Sienna India, founder of Sienna Charles, routinely travels the world discovering and procuring the finest in ultra-luxury living.

Whether you seek private travel to the world’s most exotic locations, require the services of a world-renowned expert or desire assistance executing your vision, Sienna Charles is the gateway to premier service. Our 24/7 luxury concierge service integrates seamlessly into your team as we collaborate closely to curate once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you and your family will never forget.

Ultra-Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Services

Once-in-a-Lifetime Travel

Find your freedom on a private yacht or soar above the ordinary on a private jet with our luxury travel concierge membership. No matter how unique your desires, Sienna Charles will transform them into world-class experiences. Explore the far corners of the world on a luxurious journey where every detail is meticulously planned and each moment is more unforgettable than the last.

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Refined Luxury Hotels

The world’s most discerning travelers deserve an elevated journey that exceeds expectations. A Sienna Charles membership unlocks access to the world’s most sought-after five-star luxury hotels, where you will be treated like a VIP with every service you can imagine available to you. Our travel concierge service personally vets every property to ensure that only the highest levels of luxury and service are delivered to our members.

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Curated Dining

Enjoy VIP dining experiences at the world’s most renowned restaurants. Our luxury concierge team will secure highly sought-after reservations not typically available through other channels and handle every detail for you.

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Access to Coveted Events

Sienna Charles members are always treated like VIP’s. Whether you prefer exclusive access to red carpet premieres or front-row seats with backstage access to the most coveted events worldwide, your requests will be fulfilled. Our luxury concierge is the gateway to elevated experiences.

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Sienna Charles personally vets every restaurant, spa, hotel and experience before offering them to clients, which partly explains a customer pool that ranges from CEOs and bankers to George W. Bush and his family.

Your Questions, Answered

Sienna Charles annual memberships are available to ultra-high-net-worth families and individuals who are an ideal match for our exclusive VIP concierge service. To inquire about becoming a member, please visit our application page to complete basic information and submit your request. If our travel concierge service team believes you are a perfect fit, we will schedule a consultation call and begin unearthing your unique desires and preferences. Your luxury journey, exclusive restaurant reservation, ultra-luxe hotel stay and VIP access to coveted events worldwide await.

A Sienna Charles membership begins at $50,000 annually for luxury travel concierge services and an additional $25,000 annually for extra lifestyle concierge services. As part of our luxury travel concierge membership, you will receive access to luxury hotel reservations, once-in-a-lifetime trip planning, high-end transportation such as private yachts, jets and cars, unlimited reservations at the most sought-after fine dining establishments and Michelin star restaurants, as well as VIP access to the world’s most coveted events. The total cost of an experience is determined by the length of your stay, number of travelers and other factors such as transportation, dining reservations, ticket fees and any special requests. Our luxury travel concierge curates each trip to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Our luxury concierge services are comprehensive and will meet your every luxury need. From securing coveted accommodations to arranging private trips, booking VIP tickets and acquiring priceless art and enviable real estate, we are here to help you live an unparalleled life. We also offer a range of additional VIP concierge services such as 24/7 access to support, handling airport transfers and securing world-class dining reservations. Escape the ordinary with an unforgettable Sienna Charles curated experience.

Once membership begins, you can submit an inquiry via text or email, and within 24 hours you will hear back from our travel and lifestyle concierge service with a hand-crafted selection of luxury hotel accommodations, world-class restaurants and any other requested services. As soon as you’ve selected the options that best match your desires, we initiate a seamless booking process. Whether you are seeking a last-minute business trip or are ready to embark on a long-awaited vacation, Sienna Charles will curate a stress-free luxury stay with every amenity imaginable and access to VIP concierge services around the world.

The benefits of becoming luxury travel and lifestyle concierge member are limitless. As a Sienna Charles member, you will experience benefits designed to make every aspect of your travel and lifestyle more seamless and enjoyable. With access to Jaclyn’s Little Black Book of luxury travel and lifestyle providers, the assistance of our lifestyle concierge team that understands and meticulously executes your desires, and a mobile app to check your itineraries, joining Sienna Charles is akin to unlocking an elevated life.

Sienna Charles offers hand-crafted customization, access and privacy through one-of-a-kind curated experiences that are as unique as our members. Currently, membership spans countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and we are constantly expanding our reach. We perpetually seek out new ways to deliver unparalleled lifestyle and highly personalized luxury travel concierge services to our members.

Our luxury concierge service is available to assist you 24/7 via email or text.

We work tirelessly to ensure that every service is executed to precision, but in the unlikely event that unexpected challenges arise, our team is available 24/7 via email or text. Upon notification of an issue, we will do everything in our power to resolve it as expediently as possible so you can continue to enjoy your luxury experience.

The duration of your Sienna Charles luxury travel and lifestyle concierge service membership is one year.

Sienna Charles is the gateway to an unbounded life of luxury. Our impeccably designed and seamless end-to-end experiences are uniquely yours, and with access to Jaclyn’s Little Black Book, each moment will be elevated to the highest echelons of luxury. We are with you every step of the way, from our initial contact to ensuring your concierge service is flawlessly executed. We also offer 24/7 text and email services to answer your questions, address your concerns and support your every request. Our luxury travel concierge team will get to know you on a deeper level to curate an experience, derived from our taste level, which is the finest in the industry, and delivered to reflect your desires and exceed your expectations.

Any time is a good time to delve into your deepest desires with a Sienna Charles hand-crafted luxury experience. Your time is valuable, and we will treat it as such. Whether you just joined or have an unexpected itinerary adjustment, we will do everything possible to accommodate your request. Our knowledge and experience with last-minute requests allow us to execute your travel plans flawlessly, no matter what situations arise.

Our members deserve the utmost security, satisfaction and discretion. You can feel confident in the knowledge that any reservation or request made on your behalf is absolutely private.