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Discover uncharted territory with access to the most luxurious private yacht charters in the world. From indulging in ocean oases to docking at seaside sanctuaries, our members embark on unforgettable journeys filled with awe-inspiring moments.

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Sienna Charles personally vets every restaurant, spa, hotel and experience before offering them to clients, which partly explains a customer pool that ranges from CEOs and bankers to George W. Bush and his family.

Procuring Your Private At-Sea Sanctuary

Sienna Charles delivers inimitable luxury with access to the world’s most luxurious yacht, superyacht and megayacht charters. Our luxury yacht charter team offers a wealth of experience and access to the most extravagant fleet of vessels on the market. Luxury yacht rentals are available to meet any desire, whether that means setting sail on an elegant, yet modern superyacht or enjoying a starry night sky aboard a more traditional vessel.

Sail the day away while island hopping and enjoying over or underwater activities with priceless moments of relaxation and peace throughout. Our private yacht charter options are as boundless as our members’ imaginations, and each experience is created with a bespoke approach. By taking the time to get to know our clients on a deeper level, our luxury travel concierge curates a luxury yacht rental experience that meets any desire and exceeds every expectation.

Sienna Charles delivers unforgettable superyacht charter experiences with every detail meticulously planned and impeccably executed.

Where Limitless Luxury Meets Boundless Adventure

Your Superstar Crew

Every luxury yacht rental comes complete with an experienced and professional crew ready to cater to our members’ every desire. From enjoying a meal prepared by a Michelin star chef to getting pampered by a personal masseuse, our discerning clientele receives unparalleled, personalized treatment throughout the experience. Our yacht crews are not only the best in the business, but they are also passionate about ensuring that our clients’ dreams are brought to life and that the time spent on board is unforgettable.

The Ultimate Toybox

A megayacht charter experience isn’t complete without a wide array of luxury toys to enhance the day spent in the sun and on the water. When Sienna Charles hires a luxury yacht, we deliver it with every amenity available, including jet skis, kayaks, wakeboards, surfboards and fishing and snorkeling gear.

On-Shore Experiences

Sienna Charles connects with our specialist network of partners on the ground to secure any land-based arrangements our discerning clientele may desire to complete their superyacht charter experience. Whether our members seek to explore pristine environments, join the locals on inhabited islands or seek solitude in secluded anchorages, we meticulously design and execute every detail, leaving nothing else to do but simply indulge in luxury and enjoy the adventure.

Unparalleled At-Sea Adventures,
Exclusive On-Land Experiences

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The Navigator of Inimitable Experiences

Our founder, Jaclyn Sienna India, brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to curate incredible luxury yachting experiences for Sienna Charles members. Having traveled to over 90 countries and continuing to spend more than 200 days on the road annually, she has unearthed the most exceptional experiences and destinations the world has to offer. Her attention to detail and passion for her work means she personally vets, selects and curates every component of the Sienna Charles experience. Our members, and the world, recognize her as one of the leading and most well-known authorities in the luxury travel industry.

A Sienna Charles experience would not be as exquisite as it is if it weren’t for Jaclyn’s incredible ability to select the best of the best, her commitment to only selecting the highest quality, her extraordinarily refined palate and her heartfelt desire to get to know each member in order to match desires with experiences. Through Jaclyn’s travels, she has built connections with esteemed proprietors at some of the world’s most luxurious and upscale vessels, restaurants and hotels around the globe. These connections are added to her little black book, which, coupled with her phenomenal ability to deliver experiences that match a client’s wishes, has ultimately led to Sienna Charles becoming the premier travel concierge service for discerning individuals.

From sipping a fruity cocktail on the secluded white-sand beach of a private island to racing across turquoise waters in the soft summer breeze or floating from one exotic destination to the next, Sienna Charles delivers exclusive luxury experiences. More than just a luxury travel membership club – we are the key to living a limitless life of inimitable luxury.

Your Questions, Answered

The key to enjoying an unparalleled and seamless experience hiring a private yacht is to become a member of our luxury travel concierge. Sienna Charles members have access to our prestigious network of luxury yachts for hire, private jets and helicopters, 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants or Michelin star restaurants.

When members seek a yacht day rental or long-term charter, we begin by understanding specific requirements, such as travel dates, number of guests, activities desired and budget. Once these details are secured, our luxury travel concierge prepares superyacht rental options that best meet our members’ desires.

Once the yacht is selected, our team swiftly handles all the details, including making reservations, coordinating logistics with the yacht captain and crew and handling any other arrangements for on-shore activities. We also offer concierge services aboard the yacht to ensure that our members’ every needs are met throughout their private yacht charter experience.

The cost to hire a private yacht depends on the size of the vessel, the season and how long the charter will be. Whether our members seek a more intimate experience on a sunset cruise or a lengthier excursion in the Mediterranean, our team unearths the ideal option to meet every desire and budget.

A yacht day rental (or longer) with Sienna Charles offers an exclusive lifestyle experience with every luxury and amenity included. We deliver access to a vast network of luxury private yacht rental options, as well as the VIP services of our professional concierge team. The entire experience is meticulously executed from start to finish, including securing reservations, coordinating logistics with the yacht captain and crew and handling any other arrangements desired for both on or offshore. Every private yacht rental also includes premier concierge services to ensure an unparalleled experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Sienna Charles discerning members deserve access to last-minute reservations for luxury yacht, superyacht or megayacht rentals. However, we encourage requesting the experience as early as possible. Whether our members opt for a last-minute excursion or plan ahead for a special occasion, our luxury travel concierge will source the most highly sought-after reservations and deliver an unparalleled luxury yachting experience.

While our team can arrange a charter to any destination desired, some of the most requested luxury yacht charters include the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera, the Greek Isles and the Bahamas.

A Sienna Charles luxury yachting experience includes endless options for food and beverage that can be tailored to our members’ personal preferences. Our team will learn about any dietary needs and culinary desires to deliver an extensive menu that exceeds expectations. From fresh seafood caught straight out of the surrounding sea and prepared by a private chef onboard to a fine dining experience at one of the world’s most sought-after restaurants on shore, we deliver a culinary experience to be remembered. We also offer a vast list of wines that will please even the most discerning palates, from rare vintages to bubbling glasses of champagne. Our team ensures that our members have everything needed for an unforgettable luxury yachting experience.

With a private yacht charter, we are not beholden to a strictly charted route, so in the case of bad weather, oftentimes the vessel can head for the sun instead. Alternatively, a rainy day may mean an onshore experience exploring local stores, bars and restaurants, or simply relaxing on board and enjoying the stunning beauty surrounding the yacht. No matter what our members’ holiday plans are, including a Sienna Charles charter ensures a memorable and unparalleled experience.

While many of our members prefer to spend the time onboard completely unplugged in order to truly relax and soak up the incredible views, for those who prefer to stay connected, WiFi is available on board our luxury yachts. Whether our members need to check in with work or are sharing envy-inducing snaps of the experience on social media, staying connected is possible at every moment of the trip.

We recognize that schedules can shift unexpectedly, which is why we strive to be flexible whenever possible when it comes to our members’ reservations. In the event a reservation needs to be rescheduled, our members can simply reach out to our travel concierge team and we will go above and beyond to fulfill the request.

A Sienna Charles annual membership is $75,000, which includes travel planning and access to any destination desired, as well as 24/7 access to our travel concierge service for questions, concerns or requests. By understanding our members on a deeper level and always going above and beyond, we curate unparalleled experiences that meet any desire and exceed every expectation.

We offer memberships to ultra-high-net-worth individuals who are an ideal match for our travel concierge service. Interested individuals can apply to become a member online, and if our travel concierge service team identifies a perfect fit, we will schedule a consultation call, which is intended to unearth each potential member’s unique desires and expectations. Sienna Charles luxury travel and lifestyle concierge services deliver an escape from the ordinary, with access to the most exclusive luxury experiences available around the globe.

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