Sail in Elegance & Innovation With X-Space San Lorenzo Glass Superyacht

Elite, beyond trends, and built around customer needs. The 495GT X-Space is a unique work of art with its own story to tell and is the first that’s coming out of the X-space series. Sanlorenzo’s yacht charters offer an opportunity to indulge in luxury and exclusivity. The renowned Italian-yacht builder has been building exquisite yachts for more than 60 years now. With traditional craftsmanship combined with leading innovations, Sanlorenzo continues to deliver to the needs of discerning travelers. 

Representing the perfect synthesis of function and design. A pinnacle of Sanlorenzo's superyacht excellence, the 495GT X-Space is an entire superyacht made of glass. Providing its guests an open and welcoming atmosphere without compromising privacy. It offers the luxury of the utmost seclusion and transparency of what’s outside at the same time for a truly immersive yachting experience.

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Unprecedented Views & Utmost Privacy

Transparent from the inside, veiled from the outside. X-Space 495 GT is a floating mansion made of glass. The first hull of the X-Space Sanlorenzo series that is coming out this 2023. Designed for yacht owners with a passion in exploring faraway places with exquisite elegance. The X-Space is a 144-footer vessel with five decks, a tonnage of 495 GT, and is 44 meters in length. Featuring an 18 square-meter raised pool, private jacuzzi, expansive terrace, floor to ceiling glass walls and doors–the Sanlorenzo superyacht offers an inordinate amount of space, abundance of natural light, and unparalleled amount of glazing.  

A yacht within a yacht. Designed by Bernardo Zuccon of Zuccon International Project and Piero Lissoni, the way they naturally blended the interior and exterior both made the Sanlorenzo X-Space functional and visually stunning. A shipyard of choice for discerning owners, they pride themselves  with having a team of highly-skilled people that supervises the project in every step and their collaboration with the best in the industry. Both had made the 495 GT X-Space a superyacht that’s one with the owner and a home to those who will charter it. 

The Sanlorenzo yacht charters experience has always been known to deliver the sea according to its clients wishes. Its upper deck comes with the privilege of privacy even from the crew. Exclusive to the owner, it’s an apartment within a yacht. Private jacuzzi, office, lounge, with glass windows and curved glass doors. The helm station above the owners deck is also designed to be unable to see the owners deck at the bow for the ultimate seclusion. By the main deck, one would find the saloon and dining area clad with rich and light fabric. Whether the 495 GT X-Space will be for charter though, one would have to wait for its release to find out. 

Unveiling this year 2023, but with no exact day and location yet. The 495 GT X-Space is a desire of power and escape with the respect of family feeling. Marking the beginning of a new era for superyacht designs and if it’ll be open to the charter –luxury yacht rental. Maximized comfort and relaxation in this intimate and spacious vessel as it sails on its maiden voyage.

Made-To-Measure Master Yacht Builders

The X-Space series is crafted by the master of the art of individuality in superyacht design –the Italian ship builder Sanlorenzo. Its superyacht rentals are sophisticated and highly sought-after. With more than 30 custom-made superyachts available for yacht day rentals, to experience a Sanlorenzo yacht is Established in 1958, for more than 60 years Sanlorenzo has been at the forefront of yacht design. Delivering a cutting-edge innovation and timeless elegance, the shipbuilder has built an enviable reputation for its outstanding "made to measure" Italian design. A philosophy centered on customers' habits and style. A commitment to excellence and innovation. As a pioneer in the yacht industry, the shipyard's use of advanced materials and technologies makes it a leader in building unique superyachts with unmatched quality and refinement to every project. Creating the perfect yacht that meets the specific needs and exceeds the expectations of their clients is Sanlorenzo's mission. A yacht that for sure can stand the tests of time--and of sea.

495GT X-Space Design Visionaries 

Bernardo Zuccon and Piero Lissoni collaborated together designing the exterior and interior of the 495GT X-Space. Both renowned in the world of yacht design for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. Aligning with Sanlorenzo's philosophy they both focused on creating the X-Space superyacht that would provide the ultimate luxury and comfort for the owner. An entire deck dedicated to the owner’s need, usually found on bigger boats has been made possible for the X-Space. For Bernardo Zuccon, he imagined the owner spending a lot of time on the yacht. Quoting him– “The X-Space project was born with the desire not to create a wonderful floating structure but to create a wonderful vessel for life.” As for Piero Lissoni who penned the interior design, "The X-Space has been forced to become a boat almost entirely made of glass:  there are large panes of glass, large windows and some of the cabins no longer even have portholes but glass walls. The interior has forced its hand on the exterior and the exterior has been so elastic and so well designed that the interior has almost adapted itself in a totally natural way. I think this is the most innovative language I’ve seen on a super yacht to date and it has made it possible to create a compact boat but with extraordinary proportions and the unique quality of Sanlorenzo.”

A Glimpse of 495GT Lavish Interior

Raising the bar for luxury and innovative interior design and decking. In contrast to other super yachts that follow the conventional beach club design, the X-Space sets itself apart by offering a unique and refreshing approach with an 18 square meter raised pool level with the main deck. This blocks the view from the stern which ensures privacy. The terrace is also extendable on either side with hydraulic platforms which gives an additional 18 square meters of space.  The sun beds and tables can also be rearranged depending on the guests or owner preferences. Right at the terrace, a symmetrical stairs leads up to the owners aft deck. The upper deck being a personal space exclusively made for the owner alone offers expansive space, curved glass doors, large lounge, an office, and bedroom. From the bedroom, the curved glass doors lead to the large jacuzzi at the enclosed foredeck that can be accessed privately.

An Innovative & Luxurious Sailing

A remarkable feat of engineering and design with futuristic appearance, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious amenities. Tailor-made to its owner's vision. The glass superyacht is synonymous with luxury and the future of yachting. A new standard in design. Sleek lines and unparalleled attention to detail. To entertain, to relax, to simply explore the world's most beautiful destinations. Nothing is impossible with the 495GT X-Space. The first hull of this stunning series, the 495 GT is set to be delivered this year. Sanlorenzo is still yet to share what it really looks like overall. And with how much it cost, it is still yet to be revealed. But for those who love luxury yachts, the extravagant price will surely be worth it–if it will be open as a superyacht charter.

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