GOGA: The Future Of Yacht Voyagers

E-Mode Hybrid technology, four decks for a 37M, and the last full project of the famous Stefano Righini. Meet GOGA–reclaiming the lost substance in the design of the recent superyachts–the Marina approach. The true meaning and knowledge of life on board. Travel longer than just three months and explore the small village harbors of Greece, Turkey, and Italy that big boats can't access. 


A Genius Concept

Small steel-hulled boats weren't Benetti's market. Pitching the idea, even as the head of the company, Paolo Vitelli, raised eyebrows and was not met with enthusiasm. The idea wasn't easy to accept. In the modern yacht industry, the bigger boats were built with fiberglass, so a smaller one using steel needed more internal discussion. 

The first of the Benetti B.yond 37M series, the private luxury yacht GOGA measure 36.5 meters and is described as the greenest Benetti superyacht. The idea of Vitelli materialized in collaboration with the late Stefano Righini and architect Mauro Izzo. It was engineered in partnership with Siemens Energy's groundbreaking E-Mode Hybrid technology. It helps optimize onboard energy consumption and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions for a luxury yacht in its class. 

Designed for long-distance environment-friendly cruising with the utmost luxury. GOGA is a record-breaking boat and a dream come true for modern owners. Its extreme flexibility and reliability redefine the future of yacht voyages. GOGA is a beautiful compact superyacht pioneering the new generation of voyager yachts from fitting in smaller harbors to more prolonged green cruising to its four decks. 

The Exterior

The luxury yacht's white steel hull and aluminum superstructure create a sleek, modern design that is functional at the same time. The hull was designed by Pierluigi Ausonio's firm P.L.A.N.A. The yacht's beam of 8.6 meters gives it a wide, stable shape similar to that of a workboat or a tug. It can travel up to 14 knots; while this may not be the fastest speed available, it will get its owner and guests where they need to go in comfort. The color palette consists of natural tones enhanced by blue touches provided by the fabrics and accessories, which stand out against the optical white walls and echo the hue of the sea. Expressing the elegance and personality of the B.Yond series, the design of GOGA accommodates stylistic functions with sustainability. 

Unparalleled Views Onboard

Basked in natural light and the sensational view of the ocean, the interiors of GOGA, balanced and elegant, make it possible for one to be closer to nature. Spacious and with room for even more customization Mauro Izzo tailored GOGA to fit her guests' needs as if it was their home. GOGA has the perfect size for leisurely exploration and relaxation. She is an embodiment of sophistication and true Italian excellence. 

Exploring the four decks of GOGA, one would find a walk-in wine cellar and a cold room on her lower deck. Capturing perfection and the ultimate convenience, this is also where the captain and crew's state cabins are found. The galley, the crew mess, and the laundry–all service areas have been designed to be on the lower deck. A convertible gym to an extra stateroom can also be found here. Moving on to the main deck, the best comfort and sea view are offered to the owner and to all of his guests on this level. Four luxury suites and a living room, Benetti dubbed the 'Playroom,' are reserved for the guests. The upper deck is the boat's living area, free from impediments and open to a 360-degree view of the water. One can admire the beauty of the ocean from the sun deck or while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. 

Next, the Bridge Deck houses a spacious owner's suite with elegant furnishings and a fantastic view. Spacious and stunning bathroom, a walk-in closet, refined study area with a sophisticated desk, and a lounge area with a private terrace and sun beds. The wheelhouse is the heart of the ship, where the captain can monitor all ship's operations and navigate with precision. The wheelhouse is also home to a surveillance room, which doubles as a captain's quarters for long voyages. Yes, the GOGA has two captain quarters for the ultimate pleasure of privacy and convenience. A winning feature, especially for more extended cruising. 

Boundless Luxury 

GOGA embraces the impossible. Its features are unheard of and can't be found on any other yacht in size. The marvelous open-air upper deck offers abundant space for lounging and relaxation and a good area for dining. The sundeck also presents another beautiful spot for sunbathing and additional dining options. As far as decks and spaces are concerned, GOGA has multiple options for its owner and guests' utmost comfort and luxury. 

Vast and massive, the tender storage of this luxury superyacht is accessible just right under the upper deck's staircase, where the crew can pass when going to the service area. Unlike any other yacht of her class, GOGA has spaces for a 6 ½ meter tender for the guest and another 4.3 meter one for the crew, two jetskis, and small water toys. Benetti, pioneering again in the superyacht industry, has created for the first time in an explorer yacht a huge semi-enclosed garage that opens on sides for a lounge and retrieval of all the tenders, creating an elegant and stylish profile. Allowing guests to enjoy the sea from the comfort of their floating holiday home, the beach club of GOGA also extends to a sauna and a steam room. Once again, due to its extra deck that, is unheard of for its size. 

No other yacht offers the same size and functionality as GOGA. Classy, airy, spacious, and private–a true definition of a luxury superyacht vacation. The Benetti B.Yond 37M is the first superyacht of its kind, combining groundbreaking design, technological innovation, and environmental protection–a dream come true for a modern yacht owner. 

Indulge in an experience like no other. A charter vacation aboard GOGA means enjoying bespoke personalization based on the preferences of the charter group. Including trips to secluded spots, dreamy islands, and lively cities, GOGA grants easy access to multiple marinas and smaller ports. A convenience that says a lot about the future of voyager yachts.

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