The "Extra Large Bizjet" Revolutionizing Corporate Travel

A new class of private business jets.

The ‘extra large bizjet’ is revolutionizing corporate jet charters by creating a luxury space for up to 18 travelers to work, sleep and unwind
The ACJ220 features six luxurious living areas across 785 feet of cabin space.


A new class of private business jets has arrived. ACJ TwoTwenty, the latest offering by Airbus Corporate Jets, is cleaner, quieter, and bigger than any other in its category. Dubbed the "Extra Large Bizjet," the $81 million aircraft is the private version of the popular A220 airliner. Capable of fitting into the same parking spaces and taking off from the same airports as other business jets, the TwoTwenty offers three times the cabin space yet operates at a third of the cost of its competitors.


With our luxury travel concierge, you can comfortably work, sleep, and unwind throughout ACJ TwoTwenty's 785 feet of personal space. The jet accommodates up to eighteen passengers across six wide VIP living areas and can fit ten fully reclining sleepers. Airbus partnered with world-renowned aircraft interior completion specialists, Comlux, to design the jet's ultra-modern cabin. Together, they incorporated advanced materials and utilized state-of-the-art technologies to cultivate the ultimate luxury private jet interior. Its cabin includes:

•  An advanced wi-fi system across the entire cabin

•  Two times better connectivity than its competitors

•  Electro-chromatic windows

•  Custom LED lighting

For the first time, Airbus is offering a flexible cabin catalog with over a hundred design possibilities, eliminating the need for custom fitting. The catalog's seemingly endless array of design options include a spacious guest lounge, full bar, and a dining table that seats eight guests. Hand-crafted furnishings, neutral tones, and exquisite materials found throughout the cabin create a truly elevated atmosphere.

There are no cramped spaces on the TwoTwenty. Expansive double door openings separate the cabin's spacious living areas. In the lounge, passengers can sit back on the oversized méridienne and enjoy the 4K 55" TV. Guests will truly feel at home in the primary bedroom featuring a king-size bed and private bathroom complete with a rain shower. There are no sleepless nights on the TwoTwenty: its whisper-quiet engine guarantees that guests can rest peacefully.

The latest luxury custom private jets feature private bathrooms and bedrooms for corporate travelers, allowing travelers to fly non-stop from Tokyo to Dubai or from Beijing to Melbourne
The primary bedroom includes a king-sized bed, 4k 55" TV, and a private bathroom.
Airbus’ flexible custom private jets offer over 100 design possibilities for travelers to create their very own luxury home in the sky
Airbus' flexible cabin catalog offers over 100 different design possibilities. 



A clean-sheet design, the ACJ TwoTwenty refuses to compromise. Airbus has succeeded in answering the three most critical needs of private corporate travel: cost, range, and space. Boasting a fuel burn up to 25 percent lower than others in its category, it is one of the most economical aircrafts in the sky. The long-range jet can fly up to 5,650 nm, or just over 12 flight hours, connecting critical city pairs. Passengers can fly non-stop from Tokyo to Dubai or from Beijing to Melbourne, all within the comfort of ACJ TwoTwenty's ultra-wide cabin. 

ACJ TwoTwenty takes advantage of tech innovations from the A220 line. Its advanced aerodynamics reduces drag, contributing to the 20% fuel burn advantage. The optimized engine boasts one of the highest by-pass ratios among turbofan engines, which reduces noise pollution and fuel burn. Its reduced carbon emissions and noise pollution make it a greener option for corporate travel–an attractive feature for parties looking to lessen their carbon footprint. 


Airbus is currently accepting orders for the ACJ TwoTwenty. The company has already received six orders–two through Comlux and the remaining four placed by an undisclosed buyer. No surprise, as the business jet is expected to become one of the most popular offerings within the A220 family. Airbus announced the launch of the TwoTwenty late last year, and models are expected to roam the skies within the next three years. 

ACJ TwoTwenty's non-compromising design is destined to influence the future of corporate travel. Its ability to fly long-range, coupled with its ultra-wide luxury cabin and hyper-efficient, fuel-saving engine, has created a whole new segment within the luxury private jet market. The "Extra Large Bizjet" is set to soon become the industry standard. Experienced private flyers will expect wider cabins with expansive living spaces without suffering frequent fuel stops and loud engines. The ACJ TwoTwenty is truly the private business jet of the future. 

See inside one of the world’s top luxury private jets for corporate charter travel, ACJ TwoTwenty takes corporate private jets to the next level of luxury
The $81 million jet has an intercontinental range, 25% reduced fuel consumption, and three time the cabin space of its competitors.


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