AL Waab II – Reaching New Volume in its Class

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill in 2020 and 2021. Despite that, AL Waab II, or the Superyacht, launched on schedule in July 2021.

Alia Yachts launched The 55 m Superyacht AL Waab II from its Antalya port in Turkey.

The stunning piece of ocean machinery is a motor yacht with a length of 55 m and a volume of 488 GT. AL Waab II is the second-largest yacht built by Alia. The AL Waab II superyacht occupies the 624th position in the list of largest yachts across the globe.

Features that make the AL Waab II stand out include straight exterior lines, tiered decks, and a near-vertical bow. Powered by two Caterpillar Inc engines, this sub 500 GT superyacht has an aluminum superstructure and a steel hull.


AL Waab II, or the Superyacht, launched in 2021. The superyacht can hold 18 guests and ten crew members, with a sleek steel and aluminum exterior.


Standout Size

Despite the chaos in the world, Alia Yacht's "no excuses" attitude made it possible for the AL Waab II project to launch on time. In addition to this, the size of this sub 500 GT superyacht is impressive to even the most experienced yachters.

Vripack, a famous Dutch design studio, laid out the plans for the interiors and exteriors as well as the naval architecture of the Al Waab II superyacht.

Vripack's goal for designing this spectacular vessel was space optimization and a holistic, collaborative approach. The size and volume of the ship are impressive, but the most remarkable aspect of this new yacht is how the design utilizes the space so effectively. Vripack took the utmost care not to waste an inch of space.

Alia Yachts has set a new standard in both internal and external volumes offered to their client in the category of superyachts. The AL Waab II is now the longest aluminum and steel superyacht below 500 GT.


The Design Process

Many yacht owners are passionate about yachting because they love to have a "home at sea." Due to this demand, designers need to ensure they follow industry-standard compliance and regulations so their end buyers stay safe on the water.

The goal with this vessel was to create a family apartment where everyone has their own space and can live comfortably. This incredible ship can hold 18 guests and ten crew members. The use of glass throughout the design allows natural light to brighten up cabin spaces and the open concept floor plan makes one feel like they are at a hotel rather than at sea.

The unparalleled creativity and skilled engineering expertise of the Dutch studio company Vripack are evident from the interiors, exteriors, and architecture of this sub 500 GT superyacht.

Vripack used advanced technology such as virtual reality (VR) to improve the planning process and optimize the space before construction began.


Impressive Interiors and Exterior Design Elements

The superyacht Al Waab II has an ultramodern, plush, and fresh design that will captivate anyone who steps aboard. Vripack used a natural color palette for decor and a minimalist design approach so guests can focus on the spectacular views.

While the interior design is breathtaking, the thoughtful design of the vessel's exterior is just as impressive. Vripack's design includes:

• Multiple lounging areas.

• A full-service bar to serve our luxury travel concierge clients

• Steps leading down to the water for easy access.


The AL Waab II Superyacht was designed to be 'home at sea' by Dutch studio company Vripack. The superyacht has a natural color palette and a minimalist design.


This superyacht features multiple lounging areas, a full service bar and steps to the water. The mega yacht boasts an ultramodern, plush, and fresh design.


Efficiency At Sea

The dimensions of the AL Waab II have increased the comfort rating by 40% compared to the other 500 GT yachts. The design of the AL Waab II allows the vessel to maintain smooth movement across the water, reducing instances of seasickness while on board.

The AL Waab II consumes around 35% less fuel than the other 500 GT vessels due to the optimized hull. Also, the elongated hull design and a 2.12 m draft allow the AL Waab II to move safely in shallow waters.


AL Waab II Specifications

• Gross tonnage/Volume – 488

• Overall length – 54.85 m

• Beam – 9.10 m

• Draft – 2.20 m

• Type of vessel – Motor Yacht (displacement)

• Materials – Steel and Aluminium

• Propellers – 2

• Engine HP – 725


The design and construction of this super-ship took less than 24 months which is incredible considering the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing.

The AL Waab II superyacht was showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2021.

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