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Cuba: A Charming Colonial Escape

The future of Cuba, and the US’s relations with it, are currently uncertain. What is certain, however, is that Havana is a beautiful city with a vibe like nowhere else we’ve ever been. The European-inspired architecture, particularly the Spanish-colonial style found in Old Havana, provides a charming backdrop to a wealth of sites and activities. The warmth of the people offers insight into an intensely interesting culture.

The beaches are stunning, yet not ready for luxury travelers—still, it’s worth seeing how untouched and dated they are. Outside the cities, you’ll find gorgeous landscapes well worth a hike or horseback ride. Within their limits is displayed a rich history that still shows signs of influence from as early as native tribes and Spanish colonization.

Unfortunately tourism is beginning to overcrowd Cuba, so if you have any interest in visiting now is the time. Cruise ships have flocked to the coast lines, releasing droves of tourists. Scheduled flights have opened up, and Sienna Charles is ready to arrange everything necessary for you to have an amazing journey to this close, but seemingly distant, place.

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