Due to its nonchalant nature and lower tourism numbers than other Italian cities, Milan has become one of our favorite destinations. The beauty of Milan is to really “know” Milan. Mostly everything amazing is hidden and not aggressively conspicuous.

Travel Articles for Milan


White truffle season is the time to stop by this iconic dining establishment. Treat yourself to the simplicity of the pasta with white truffles and a Veal Milanese. You’ll be glad you did.

Bulgari Milan

The Bulgari Milan, in our opinion, feels the most “Italian” out of the five-star properties in Milan. The first thing you’ll notice is that most of the guests are Italian, which lends immediately to its authenticity. We love the...


Farage is a beautiful and ornate chocolate shop that offers some of Milan’s finest chocolates and Italian cookies. Located in the Brera neighborhood, Farage is an essential stop on your next visit to Milan.

Pasticceria Marchesi

Of all the places to enjoy that first, second or third cup of espresso in Milan, Pasticceria Marchesi, owned by Prada, is our favorite. It combines both authenticity and modernity, making it a luxurious way to have your coffee...

Fondazione Prada

On the outskirts of Milan, the Fondazione Prada is a chic modern museum focusing on up-and-coming creative artists from around the world. Founded by Miuccia Prada, the museum also has a great retro café and restaurant, Bar Luce, designed...


This chic department store offers a myriad of the latest and greatest fashions, home décor, and food products out of anywhere in Milan. Excelsior is a must-stop shop while in the fashion capital.


An eclectic mix of trendy fashion items for men and women, Antonia is the place to find the hippest new sneakers, or an underground fragrance before it goes mainstream.

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