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Sienna Charles city guides are designed to help you save precious time, highlighting the best area things to see and do.  We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Los Angeles

New York’s west-coast cousin is now one of the world’s most exciting destinations. The LA scene has gone far beyond Hollywood and now attracts hoteliers and chefs from all over the globe.

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Fabulous hotels, restaurants and shopping adorn the esteemed streets of London. The sophistication and fashion sense make this historic city one of the world’s top destinations.

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Nowhere else can one find what Paris offers. The City of Lights is still the most romantic and classiest place we know, and its culinary scene will never be outdone.

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Due to its nonchalant nature and lower tourism numbers than other Italian cities, Milan has become one of our favorite destinations. The beauty of Milan is to really “know” Milan. Mostly everything amazing is hidden and not aggressively conspicuous.

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Tokyo is a city that defines a true traveler. Its daunting size and vastness of neighborhoods are rife with surprises. The Japanese culture permeates you; we find the city to be the type of place that may just change your life.

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Miami continues to become a true world-class international city. With a bustling food and hotel scene, the last half-decade has seen the city explode into the cultural and design Mecca that it is.

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New York City

Though it goes by many nicknames, New York is often called the center of the world for good reason. It is truly the city that owns our hearts.

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