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Amangalla: Resonating with History, Rife with Luxury

We found Sri Lanka to be much more manicured and contemporary than we had anticipated. We arrived in Colombo, where lush fields of tea, spices and herbs tantalize the senses. Aman has this very charming property in the town of Galle en route to the coast. It’s a wonderful place to stay overnight before heading to the beach, or for a couple of days to explore the modern life of this Sri Lankan city. At the very least, we suggest stopping here for lunch on the long car journey to the coast to stretch your legs and acclimate your taste buds to the spice-rich cuisine.

The grounds of this sprawling colonial property consist of more than 9,000 square meters, but maintain an intimate, charming atmosphere. Having captured the essence of colonial design, this wellness hotel offers stylish luxury without needing to be overtly extravagant, including a yoga pavilion and Ayurvedic spa. Built in the 1860s near the site of a 400-year-old government-protected fort, Amangalla’s halls are as historically rich as they are enchanting.

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