I was trained at Le Bec Fin, the iconic five-star restaurant in Philadelphia, which thoroughly refined my standards for service and luxury. When I went on to a travel agency, I absolutely enjoyed learning how to be a resource and guide for those who wanted adventure, but I didn’t know where to start. Rather than booking properties for clients that I myself hadn’t been to, I wanted to be a travel specialist in the truest definition. So I set out into the world, and with my husband Freddy, I’ve easily visited more than 80 countries, seeking out the best of the best. When I finally started Sienna Charles, I was confident in my expertise because the only recommendations I gave, I knew… from top to bottom, inside and out… because I got to experience it for myself. I could give insights based on my own encounters, providing clients feedback of hotels, restaurants and unique activities in the most tangible way. I could say with confidence, “I’ve been there, it was incredible, and I have the strongest sense that it would be just right for you.”

I believe in the personal. When you work with Sienna Charles, you work directly with me. We meet—in person, of course—to talk and dream together. Custom must always be personal. From getting to know you, I will deliver that once-in-a-lifetime trip; that heart-pounding adventure; that stylish and serene getaway best suited to you. The best of the best, always.


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